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A Book's Mind is quickly becoming recognized as a leader in customer satisfaction in the publishing industry. When you publish your book with A Book’s Mind, you’re not doing it on your own; you work with a dedicated team of professionals, all dedicated to help you through the process. Award-winning graphic book cover design, paired with your ideas and creative control insure that your book will turn out great.



We want your published book to succeed and strive for a lasting professional relationship. Whether this is your first book publishing experience or you already have produced a library of books, we’re here to help you get your book published!

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Making the most money from your book

Self-publishing a book can be the most lucrative option for many authors. Here are a few things that set A Book's Mind apart from other self-publishing or hybrid publishing companies.

  • You own the rights to your book. If a movie producer wants to purchase the rights to your book, the deal is yours: you receive every penny.
  • We publish our Print-On-Demand book cost. See our Print Cost Calculator below.
  • Book printing options. Print-On-Demand allows you to print books as you need them, or print a larger quantity of books and cut your cost per unit with Offset Printing.
  • You set the retail price. We’re here with advice, but in the end, you decide the retail price. Unlike discount publishing companies, you’re not locked into selling your book at a high price to make up for the low production cost.
  • No tiered services. Some companies offer a low price to publish your book, but if you want a custom or professional book cover design, the prices jumps up. We don’t believe in that. You get the best graphic and book cover design service with any publishing package you choose.
  • 100% of the profit is YOURS. Any book that you sell from your website or on your own, you keep 100% of the profit. Plus, you’re able to buy your book at cost, not wholesale, so you make more money from each book you sell. View our Income Example.
  • Make 70% royalties. For any of your books we sell from, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and any of our distribution channels, you receive 70% of the profit.
  • Green Publishing. With Print-On-Demand, we print and fulfill the orders as needed; we don’t require our authors to print any books for stock purposes. No waste here!
Buy your published books at costs (not wholesale) and sell your books on your own and retain 100% of the profit. To help you further benefit, several of our publishing packages feature your own website with blog and storefront, so your customers have instant access to your book and you get paid instantly for all purchases. Your custom-made marketing materials direct customers directly to your website to generate exposure, publicity, and customer-demand—all from the comforts of your home... or wherever you want to be.

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Package Overviews

We offer four Alternative Publishing Packages for your book.

I have enjoyed very much working with A Book's Mind, have found both their creative team and publishing services timely, professional, and friendly. They are clear, encouraging, and sharp.
James Kincaid // Author, Lost // Download a sample of Lost
There's a certain amount of thrill that goes with a first book, I would imagine. That doesn't take away from my additional thrill over the excellent job you and your team are doing for this effort.
Paul Renfroe // Author, Christian, What are You?

A Book's Mind—the smart way to publish

get published the right way

We know what your book means to you and are proud that authors entrust us with their hard work. Your dedicated A Book’s Mind team will walk you through every step of the book publishing process, while you maintain creative control over the entire operation. Select your package or contact us today.

editing & planning

Every manuscript benefits by a professional edit. Whether you need a simple proof-edit or a little help getting press release just right, we work with you and your schedule to meet your needs.

design & develop

From book cover design to custom marketing material and your own website. Work with your dedicated creative team and retain creative control of how your book turns out, from book cover design to interior formatting.

publish & distribute

Distribute far and wide. With Print-On-Demand, your book is available for shipment fast! Distribution partners include: Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Amazon.